Quick Skills to Learn that can impress the Employers

If the space in your Resume’s Skills Section is empty, If you want to acquire a skill that can impress all the potential Employers, If you lack time and want to acquire them in the matter of weeks, The following list of skills may prove quite helpful for you in solidifying your chances of earning a decent job opportunity.

 Learn Excel

Excel, Quick Skills to Learn that can impress the Employers

Everyone may be familiar with the name of Excel but only 1% of them actually know how to use it. Advanced Excel features in Excel include macros, functions, array formulas, pivot tables, programming etc. Pivoting tables in Excel are basically the life of the business world! Combining that with some other excel knowledge and you can evolve into the Excel Guy. The following sites may prove quite helpful.
  • excelexposure.com
  • thinktutorial.com

Improve your Typing Skills

maniac-typing, Quick Skills to Learn that can impress the Employers Getting a grip over the basic tool of Computer, The Keyboard, will definitely add up a bonus feature into your Resume. Increasing the Speed along with the Accuracy won’t take too long but the results would be gratifying. The following sites may prove to be helpful for this.
  • typeracer.com
  • 10fastfingers.com
  • ratatype.com

Learn how to Code

1 slow programmar, Quick Skills to Learn that can impress the Employers With online tutorials available Programming can be learnt in just a week. Some people may confuse programming with the Software Development. Programming is a simple technique that involves way simpler concepts than development. Mastering it may take some more effort but if you have learnt one programming language, it is quite easy to learn other languages as well.
  • codecademy.com
  • tutsplus.com

Learn VBA

vba, Quick Skills to Learn that can impress the Employers A combination of both Excel and Programming would definitely put you to a huge advantage. With Visual basics for applications, you can control excel, word, access and other Microsoft programs at a high level. You can create a masterful spreadsheet and impress tons of employers. For example you can build an excel sheet for work that will automatically track certain tasks that your team has completed. The following site are pretty useful for VBA.
  • excelvbatutor.com/vba_tutorial.html
  • excel-vba.com

Learn a New Language

sign language, Quick Skills to Learn that can impress the Employers Learning a foreign language could be used in a wide variety of fields. Spanish/Mandarin is a viable recommendation to make your Resume shine. You can also try learning the sign language. It can provide surprising opportunities. If you're in college you can learn the basics in only one semester. A great place to learn and practice sign language is lifeprint.com. other website to learn languages are given below.
  • duolingo.com
  • memrise.com
All these skills can be learnt with in a few weeks and they do put an impressive mark on your Resume.
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