Hottest Planet of Solar System

In our amazing solar system, Earth is the third planet from Sun; the climatic conditions here are prefect for life. Our Solar system contains planets that are hotter and colder than Earth.

 So question is which is the hottest planet in our solar system?

Planet Mercury

Lots of people will think of Mercury as the hottest planet because it is closest to the Sun. Planet Mercury orbits around the Sun at a distance of 58 million kilometers. Its temperature can rise up to 700 kelvins (426 degrees Celsius) when the planet is facing the sun. However the temperature drops down to 80 kelvin (-173 degrees Celsius) in the shadows.

Above temperature figures show that Mercury sure is a hot place but when it comes to Venus, it’s the hottest of all the planets in solar system.

Venus: The Hottest Planet

Although Venus is much further from the Sun. It orbits at a distance of more than 108 million kilometers but even then its average temperature is 735 Kelvin (462 degree Celsius). This hellish temperature is hot enough to melt lead. Amazingly the Temperature on Venus remains the same no matter where you go on the planet. It’s 735 Kelvins at night, at day and even same temperature on the North Pole.

 The Question is Even though Venus is further away from the Sun but why Venus is so much hotter than Mercury? Well it’s not about the distance of the planet from the Sun it’s about the surrounding atmosphere.

Unlike Moon the surrounding of Mercury is airless. In contrast Venus has a very thick atmosphere of Carbon dioxide which is responsible for high pressure and heat traps.

If we are standing at sea level on Earth we experience one atmospheric pressure. Imagine yourself standing on the surface of Venus; you will experience ninety-two times as much atmospheric pressure. It’s the same kind of pressure as being a kilometer underneath the surface of the ocean. CO2 present in the surrounding atmosphere absorb all the radiations form the Sun and the infrared heat is trapped by atmosphere creating a greenhouse effect.

You might think that it is impossible to land on such a hot planet but Soviet sent series of spacecraft called Venera which landed on the surface of venus and returned images of the Venus surface. First few missions were failure but Venera 13 made it down to the surface in 1981 and amazing survived in this hot environment for 127 minutes and send back the first ever color picture of Venus.

So, Venus is the hottest of all the planets in solar system and when it comes to temperature distance from the Sun matters but the surrounding atmosphere can impact the average temperature.

10058   27/08/2013

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