The Ghost of Unemployment

Fresh graduates are at stakes as the hiring process is getting slower. They are the topper of their institutes, they have enrolled in their respective programs with high hopes of success in their profession but as their degree went on so did their hopes vanished away in the light of current global economic crisis. India being in the list of one of the largest economies also has a large share in the economic crisis.

Unemployment in IndiaA Hopeless Time

Fresh Graduates are suffering from some serious hopelessness issues, the promised made to them by their institutes, the promises they made themselves to their parents, all are seem to fade away as the ghost of Unemployment is encapsulating the Recruitment Process. With such a large Population in India and diversified areas it is quite difficult to conduct a survey which will actually give the true picture of the scenario but Pune and Chandigarh are the focus of this problem, the Literacy Rate is fairly high in these areas, and with literacy comes the expectations. These effects are not limited to some particular profession or some particular institute, although some professions like mechanical sector may experience a little bit gloom but the overall trend is pointing towards severe unemployment, this is because of the fact that due to the Economic Crisis people are afraid to invest and as we all know that job opportunities are closely associated with investments.

Unemployment StatisticsThe Way Out

Students can seek for alternative careers but this might not help too, so in this scenario they must pursue their education to the higher level and wait for the better time. The challenge for the government is to ensure that appropriate policies are framed and strictly implemented to meet the expectations of India’s youth. The adverse impact of the Global Crisis sends out a strong message. It’s Time to Wake UP!!  
1964   19/01/2013

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