Study Economics At the University of Oxford; the Oldest operating University!

If it wasn’t for University of Bologna, Oxford would have been the oldest operating university of the world. Exact starting date of University is disputed but it is estimated that it started in early 11th century. University of Oxford is not just a place to attain education, it is an experience very few could taste in world. Like all its faculties, Economics is a very strong area of Oxford and many believe it to be the best UK Economics University. Features: With people like Adam Smith (Father of Economics) associated with Oxford there is no need to discuss how good the University is as far academics are concerned. University is providing education and providing research facilities in various domains to more than 20,000 students which is an achievement in itself. The claims that Oxford is the best UK Economics University are not made without any solid bases. It has the best faculty and experts one can imagine from various Economics fields. There is never a shortage to find the scholar more than capable to provide guidance for the research & development work. University of Oxford has got many libraries within its premises along with access to knowledge bases across the Internet. Other than that the extracurricular activities like Sport, Music, debates, drama society, student unions and many others provided in Oxford are renowned across the globe. This best UK Economics University was built in relatively serene surroundings of Oxford, but with the passage of time there are many activities one can do from watching the serious theatres to having a night out in the best nightclubs. Peculiarities: Although Oxford has evolved over the ages but the class system is still very strong here and if you are not a Lord of Montgomery or something like that fitting in is sometime difficult here. Furthermore, despite of all the advancements still Oxford city is not London. After passing the test of time it can be safely said that Oxford is the best UK Economics University. Oxford environment and facilities are referred as benchmark by rest of the world.
61710   25/01/2012

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