8 most annoying habits of teachers at university

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Teachers and Professors at the university have a behaviour and attitude which is painstakingly difficult for students to swallow. This annoying behaviour can range from how they react to some one goofing around in the class to whispering loudly during an exam. Presented below are the most common annoying habits of teachers/professors at the university.

1. Starting an argument with the student who tries to leave class early

This usually happens when the teacher is in a bad mood and starts to arguing with anything that moves.

2. Giving you a death stare when you try to ask a counter question

The teacher gives you a death stare if you ask a question starting with these words; "but you said......".

3. Making grammatical errors

If your university has a racially and ethnically diverse faculty, chances are there might be some with bad english pronunciations and as far as grammatical mistakes are concerned, their are no bounds.

4. Making gross gestures during class presentations

During class presentations when students are asked to present their work in front of the class, there will be a teacher seated with other teachers evaluating the presentation who might get bored and kill time by poking his ear or nose thinking that no one might notice.

5. Laughing at students' answers

There will always be a teacher who asks the class a question and laughs at the student who gives the wrong answer.

6. Flirting with the female students

There might be a teacher who students will envy because of his charm, charisma, personality and his way with the female students.

7. Halting the lecture to investigate a disturbing student

This type of teacher will use all the pressure techniques on the class to point out the students who caused disturbance during the lecture.

8. Bending over to help a student

During exams their might be a teacher/professor who will help a student by coming over to his/her seat and help without noticing that it might be causing an unpleasant situation for students who might be seated nearby.

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