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Technology has advanced quite fairly and that is the reason the cell phone industry has made exponential progress in the past decade. The development of mobile applications has made access to information quite easy.  Every day a new social networking site is making the news and new engineering wonders are being erected. With hundreds of apps rolling out every day, accessing information and knowledge sharing has become easier in a way which was not possible before. This is especially true for mechanical engineers because they often need to make calculations on the spot, such as how much force a quarter-inch bolt can withstand or what drill size needs to be used. Mobile apps help to provide answers to questions such as these in a manner that saves valuable time on the job. Featured is a list comprising of top rated apps available on Google Play for free.

 1)Mechanical Engineering Toolbox

  mechanical engineering toolboxunnamed   Selected to be among the top 10 productivity applications for engineers, this mechanical engineering toolbox may not only come handy for mechanical engineers but for naval architects, civil engineers and other kind of engineers as well who want to carry out simple conversions and calculations. The app contains modules for unit conversion in 74 unit types, hardness conversion between 22 hardness types according to ASTM E140, beam load calculation of 19 different loading conditions, torque-power conversions, steel bolt specs, pipe sizes and bolt torque calculation.

2) Autodesk ForceEffect Motion

Autodesk ForceEffect Motion

Autodesk is among world’s best companies when it comes to designing, and the launch of Autodesk ForceEffect Motion has greatly helped the mechanical engineers. This android app is a tool which allows users to design the kinematic links and find their functional equations on their smartphones or tablets. Leaving behind the old methods of finding the equations and functions of various motions, this app will help the mechanical engineers in finding their designing solutions. It is mostly like AutoCAD and needs a little guide to use it, but it’s relatively easier than AutoCAD to use and defining functions of machine designing is also very easy in the app. This app enables you to quickly and easily simulate design options during the concept phase to determine the viability of a design.

3) Engineering Unit Converter


Rated highly among mechanical engineers due to its highly interactive user interface, this app can convert any unit into your desired units. The monthly update by the developers adds new units which are quite helpful plus the developers encourage mechanical engineers to mail them in case they want some units to be added to the app. The app has gained much fame since the launch and provides offline free usage with no Ads or hidden promotions.

4) Mechanical Engineering Mag

Mechanical Engineering Mag

This is a magazine which is published in association with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and it provides with the latest insights into the technology aspects of the world. The magazine provides the paper presentations from all over the world to its readers for a better understanding of the mechanical engineering phenomenon. The app has a catalogue that allows the users to surf through various articles and reference papers to get know-how about the latest innovations. The app is considered to be the best in its category and with its catchy interface, it is a must have for mechanical engineers.

5) Mechanical Engineer – WIFI

Mechanical Engineer-WIFI

This app acts as a reviewer of the mechanical engineering phenomenon for students as well as for adults. Covering the subjects of thermodynamics, machine theory, strength of materials, steam boilers, refrigeration, nuclear power plants, machine design and internal combustion engine, this app integrates a lot in itself and can become really useful in times of need.

6) Mechanical Engineering Books

Mechanical Engineering Books

Just got admitted in mechanical engineering degree and can’t find the appropriate course books? Well, this is the app for you then. Just install this app and it will provide you with a list of books which you can see and even buy if you consider that book to be valuable in your studies.

7) Engineering Handbook Lite

Engineering handbook Lite

You cannot carry all your engineering books with you everywhere, every time but with the help of Engineering Handbook Lite, you can easily access engineering concepts on the go. The apps features include mechanics, materials, engineering components and metal cutting components. You can view formulas for gear drive and dimensions as well as various other calculations you can carry out in different features that the app offers.

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