14 Gifs Describing the Life of Engineering Students

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Being an Engineering student you are destined to face hardships unlike any other major's students. Late night preparations, difficult problems that take days to solve, assignments, projects and many other obstacles to surmount are an everyday task to an engineering student. As an engineering student, if you haven't experienced anything of such magnitude yet, you should buckle up and familiarize your self to the situations presented below:

When you are studying at 3 in the morning

Late night studies will be very frequent. Your eyes will develop dark circles due to sleep deprivation.

When invited for a coffee and you are in library

It feels so liberating to be offered to go for a coffee that you don't even care about what were you doing.

When a fellow asks about the test scores

The word "Okay" pretty much sums up your messed up test scores.

When you get an F while expecting a D

Failing to barely get a D in a course is like falling off a cliff with just a push of a feather.

When a teacher tells you that his formula is correct

You will find situations when it seems pretty sure that the teacher is wrong but you never point it out.

When you try to apply the formulas learned in class

The professors or teachers make the problems look easy in class but when you try it out on your own, chances are you're pretty much screwed.

When you find that one of the step of an exercise is wrong

Once you neglect a "-" minus sign or make a small mistake in the derivation, the whole exercise question along with its a) b) c) d) e) parts becomes a mess.

When you are stuck in the middle of the exam

During your exam you might get stuck on a question which seems obvious but takes a lot of time to solves and makes you panic while messing up your time.

When none of the exercises done in the class appears in exams

The irony is when the part of the exercise you neglected, because you thought it was useless, makes it to the exam.

When passed with just a D

Engineering makes you celebrate the insignificant, like a D grade in a difficult course.

While waiting for an exam paper

Tension mounts up as you get seated in the exam hall and wait for the examiner to hand over the exam paper.

When you try to fix the assignments of the partner

You will rarely find anyone with a better done assignment than yours.

When you see that the formula learned in the class does not give the same result

Some of the stuff you'll learn in class with rarely make sense when you try it yourself.

And at last the team projects which everyone hate

Group projects are a nightmare for those students who are hooked up with a group of free loaders who barely do stuff.

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