Amazing Ring Clock; a ring and a watch

Imagine wearing a gadgets as jewelry? Yes! It’s possible. Now you can wear a Ring Clock, a watch on your finger. This rotatable clock gadget is made from pure surgical stainless steel and can be charged wirelessly and is an impressive energy saver. This concept watch was designed two years ago by Gusztav Szikszai and it reached its campaign goal on Indiegogo. It will be shipping this April 2014.ring 3

How the Ring Clock Works?

The ring clock acts as a static ornament until the dial is rotated. The LED lights up for a minute to displays the time in blue or orange. In order to make the ring clock totally energy efficient, future concepts will be designed to make use of the rotational kinetic energy.

This ring clock has a steel body designed to be allergy free. Battery runs for a week and can be recharged wirelessly from distances up to 4 cm. The battery is said to last up to 3 years.

Clock Ring

There is something romantic about rings that must never be ignored and the ring clock team has catered to this romantic side and decided to launch the Lovers Ring Clock which comes with a one year warranty.

Technology used as Jewelry

Well! It will be shipping this month and soon you will see the ring clock in parties or a corporate meetings, making an impression on friends and co-workers.ring 2

This ring clock is not only a tech gadget, but also an eye candy. The ring clock comes as a pleasant innovation, in this era of smartphones. This ring clock will be a technological ecstasy, for watch lovers. So, enjoy wearing your ring as your watch or your watch as your ring.

13456   22/04/2014

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