Chemistry Labs : A Potential Threat

ChemistryChemical accidents can prove to be a disaster in any educational institutes. While major accidents are less common the minor ones frequently occur because of the lab technicians and the students not taking them seriously and not equipping themselves with the Safety Measures.  Any person entering in the Chemical Lab must keep this point in mind that no matter how simple and controllable a reaction seems on paper, when it's carried out in real life, it may deviates from the expected results and the task of the experimenter is to keep this deviation to the minimum level or it can harm him/her with a vital injury.

An Inconvenient Truth

We have often heard about the Chemical Leaching or breakout from the factory and industrial area but the fact is that about 10 to 50 times more lab accidents occur in schools and universities than in Industry. Why these disasters happened? An easier way to explain it is the modified form of Murphy Law that “If there's more than one way to do an experiment, and one of those ways will result in disaster, then somebody will come along and try it that way.”

ScientistMitigation Measures

These accidents are common in universities because most of the students and PhD Scholars work alone in the labs for late hours, some for their convenience and some to keep their research private. The extra familiarity of these individuals with the lab environment often makes them less cautious about the lab conditions and especially the safety measures. It has been observed many times in the universities’ of USA that PhD scholars were not even wearing the lab coat in chemical labs. So the thing we need to minimize such incident is awareness in the people dealing with these chemicals and strict code of conduct and after               that a physical environment designed to minimize accidents.
5337   19/01/2013

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