In the top Ten of US Universities for the Engineering Education: California Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University

Engineering education for both graduate and undergraduate levels are available at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Carnegie Mellon University. The universities are ranked in the 5th and 6th positions respectively using the US news and rankings analysis results. The total enrollment of students for the full time engineering graduate program is higher at the Carnegie Mellon University at 2,037 while at Caltech University it is 967 students for the academic year 2011-2012. The Carnegie Mellon University offers as much as ten interdisciplinary engineering courses each completed in conjunction with the respective departments and the Tepper school is highly ranked for the MBA courses it offers. The time spent on earning an MBA after completion of a graduation masters can be greatly reduced by enrolling for an interdisciplinary course. A quarter based academic calendar is used at the Caltech University and semester based system is adopted at the Carnegie Mellon University. There is an option of accelerated masters for engineering undergraduates who complete the course at the Carnegie Mellon University. The Carnegie Mellon University has global tie ups at Chile, Portugal and Japan and so the students have an opportunity to interact, study and do research on a global basis. The speciality if the engineering course design at the Carnegie Mellon University is that while there are the traditional course based graduate programs there are special research specific programs available for a few of the engineering graduate programs offered here. The tuition fee is the same at both universities for a full time engineering course coming to around 30,000$ per year. The students can go for in house residing at both universities and the Caltech University the residential facilities are managed by the students, freshmen must compulsorily reside in the campus. Residential facility is not provided at the Carnegie Mellon University.
1261   28/11/2011

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