Indian Institutes of Technology of Mumbai recognized Worldwide for its Engineering Program

India is well known for its incredible tradition of education. In fact it has laid the foundation of teaching as well as education in the international arena. The teaching or education sector has gone through a long way in India. Indian teachers have got all the respect from all over the globe due to more and more students are moving to take admission in Indian technical universities. India really has a strong network of technical engineering universities as well as college. The government is also playing a big role in order to improve the study sector by increasing the numbers of technical universities. Now, you could easily find numbers of universities and educational institutions in India.  However, now more and more students are turning towards technical study as it is offering them great career value. In this regard, a major chunk of universities are out there dedicated to the technical study. Institutes like IIT and IIM are recognized worldwide as well as highly praised for their incredible standard of education. Student passed out from such universities have a great career ahead. If you are looking to make your career in the engineering field, then these universities can provide you the right direction to move further in your career. IIT is the brand in itself in India and actually the group of around 15 colleges all across India has now earned them title of the 'institutes of the national importance' by Parliament. To get admitted in this college is great for career! Alternatively, the engineering university in UK also gives you the international exposure instantly. Thus, which choices to select? Read on and find out more about!

IIT Engineering

IIT in the India is been pursued by many students each year out of that just some lucky ones can make to final list. However, with each plus point IIT as well projects some negative and diminishing point for career growth to budding engineer. So, according to the study that was conducted by 2 professors from the it was actually found that at 2006, around 2.3 lakhs of students graduated from the IIT out of which just 20,00 went onto do the masters & just 1,000 did Ph.D. Reason cited behind lack of the interest for IIT is absence of the innovation & support for the new ideas.
3364   15/12/2011

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