Nanotechnology: The Application

Nanotechnology is a field that provides a single platform to multidimensional fields. It is popularly also being called as Nanotech as well. The possibilities are limitless in the application and uses. Identifying the right needs; considering and combining the right fields; finishing the product in the right place, time and market can help in a successful product launch. Limitless Posibility in the Nano Technology It all depends on individuals’ perspective and the imagination and idea that one can gather from different angles but it’s not always about the person that develops it need to be delivered in the market with and aesthetics which is acceptable by the customers or end users.


As mentioned earlier the possibilities are limitless and just needs to be explored and experimented with it. According to a research, as of March 10, 2011, the nanotechnology consumer products inventory contains 1317 products or product lines. In 2009, the products or the product line were about 1015 in numbers and in 2008 it was approximately 800. This trend shows that there is a rise in the trend to consume the nanotech product with low cost, higher durability and safer usage. The product related to the health and fitness were the highest is number followed by home and gardening and at the 3rd place it was automotive products. The following are a few products that are developed on the concepts and principles of nanotechnology:

Water Purifying Teabags:

According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Burden Diseases report, approximately about 1.8 million human deaths occur annually due to water related diseases. To cater this need, South African’s, using the Nanotechnology, were able to create water Purifier teabags which helps to purify in a cheaper way. It cost about 50 cent and is very easy and portable to carry anywhere. teabag-thumb

Self-Heating Roads that Saves Cars from Road Accidents and Slippery Condition:

Driving in the winter season has been made easier through the research of University of Houston. They developed sheets that are using nanotech to heat up the road. 6 watts of current is passed through these sheets and in 2 hours the road will be reasonable to drive on safely. snowroad-thumb-580x387-6633 There is numerous technologies that are introduced in the market with mind blowing results and these applications are very feasible, fruits are just ripped to be plucked from the tree and into the baskets. Nanotechnology has come across many great achievements, in medical, industrial or any field that you can think of. We just need to present this application in a consumer understanding way which will encourage the consumer and end user to prefer these techs and thus will help us to persuading the technology to excel further.   Sources:
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