Piezo Electicity: Electricity Generation through Mechanical Stress

What is piezo-electricity? Is it the electricity generated from pizzas? Well, not really. It is that foam of electricity that is generated from accumulation of charges because of mechanical stress. This phenomenon can only be observed in piezoelectric materials, that is why it is called Piezoelectricity. This means all the activities that involve mechanical stress like walking, running, jumping, climbing stairs, shutting the door can be used for generating electricity. So, far Dutch have made the coolest use f this technology. They created a dance club where your dancing is used for generating electricity. They have also installed a huge battery level indicator that shows in real time the amount of energy that is generated by the dancing. Sustainable Dance Floor is also used by Spanish on their tour with different cities battling it out to generate the most energy in the night. There are many other applications and products that can use the piezoelectric effect for the generation of electricity. Some of the interesting applications are as follows:

 1) Piezo-Clothes

Imagine your clothes used for charging your cell phones. Although it has not been implemented yet but scientists from Georgia tech have invented the tiny piezoelectric Nano generators that can be embedded on flexible polymer sheets. At 4% compression per second, these Nano generators can generate 11milliwatts of power- enough to power a calculator.

 2) Piezo-Shower

While taking a shower you waste and lot of electricity to heat water but the designers from Mexico Finland and Germany came together to make this luxury a green technology and designed the piezo-shower. This shower uses piezoelectric wires that heat up water rushing through them with using any electricity.

 3) Piezo-Shoes:

A piezo electric module can be fixed into your footwear and it can generate considerable amount of electricity. Recently, a Mexican Industrial designer did exactly that with shoes called “Bright-walk”. These special piezo- electric shoes generates electricity while we walk or run

 4) Piezo-highway:

An Israeli company Innowattech recently tested first of its kind pilot project on a piezoelectric system along a ten meter stretch of Israeli highway. This special Piezo-electric track is capable of generating 200 KWh power simply by passing regular traffic on it and this power is enough to support 200-300 households. Inoowattect is also working on the technology to harvest energy from the movement of trains and airplanes too. With all these new developments the future of piezoelectricity seems very bright. In near future Highways will become the source of electric power and the use of piezo-electric light will become very common.  
969   02/09/2013

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