The Power of Pee: Mobile Charging

Have you ever encountered a situation in which your cell phone lost power while you are in the bathroom? Well, now you don’t have to worry about it. The scientists from England have invented a mechanism that can charge your cell phones with your urine. That’s right, now the power of pee is utilized for charging phones.   Urine: The cheapest electricity source

A special type of charger is developed that uses microbial fuel cell, which needs bacteria to break organic matter and converts it into electricity. Urine is chemically suitable to produce electricity from microbial fuel cells because it contains nitrogen, potassium and urea. Scientists have performed this experiment by using only urine and they are able to generate enough electricity that can be commercially utilized for charging phones.


This idea may seem quite disgusting but it can help in introducing the technology of smart phone in remote areas where there is no electricity. Modern cell phones are utilizing a lot of battery power; being able to charge them form the cheapest source available can really change the game.

Introduction of Smart Toilets

Urine can be the cheapest and friendly way of producing electricity. The idea is not limited to phone charging this technology can be implemented in household bathroom to produce electric power. This can give rise to the concept of  a “Smart Toilet”.

The research is also extended to the level of limited power grid stations with the hope that enough power can be generated to form an independent power grid unit. It’s time to forget wind and solar power, the solution to our energy problems was hidden in our bladders and finally we have discovered it.

This technology has brought the importance of peeing to a whole different dimension, and it can also effect urinating in public laws. Question is could someone be allowed to pee in public to charge their mobile to make an emergency call?

3677   22/08/2013

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