Princeton University promotes Interdisciplinary Learning.. but How??

Princeton University located at Princeton, New Jersey United States was awarded the number one ranking in the 2012 edition of best colleges in National Universities within the United States and it is one amongst the eight Universities in the Ivy League. Graduate and undergraduate courses in engineering are available over a wide range of subjects in the thirty six departments at the Princeton University. To promote interdisciplinary learning there are many joint graduate programs and the professional development of the students is improved by conducting special seminars related to recent engineering and technological advancements. Princeton University is the fourth oldest in the United States and the engineering program is fully residential to make sure the students gets the best out of the university. A unique feature proving to be a major success at the Princeton University is that all graduate students are required to write a senior thesis. The students can explore the many areas in engineering and the curriculum is so designed to enable the students to explore many disciplines and finally develop a deep and in depth understanding in one area of concentration. The student to faculty ration is 6:1 and most of the lecture courses include a weekly discussion to make sure concepts are better understood. Almost 60% of undergraduate students at the Princeton University get student aid each year. They provide no loan financial aid program which is given taking into consideration the financial position of the student’s family and his previous academic record. Certificate programs are offered within the campus at Princeton University related to engineering subjects to make sure the students can learn and explore in as many technological and career development areas as they can. The tuition fee at the Princeton University is 37,000$ and it has an enrollment of 5,220 students during the academic year 2010-2011.
7974   14/12/2011

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