Research based on Learning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research based learning methods are used at the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT located at Cambridge. The university offers engineering based graduate and undergraduate programs in various fields and the syllabus is so prepared in each program to meet with the technological advancements. The technological institute at the university is ranked at the fifth position in the 2012 edition of best colleges in national universities. The university also has professional education programs which are designed to be flexible enough to enable the working professional to learn at MIT. The MIT professional education program comprises of short programs, advanced study programs, career reengineering programs and custom programs in engineering. The graduate program and undergraduate programs in engineering have a wide array of courses like aeronautics, biological, chemical, engineering systems and Harvard-MIT health sciences and technology to name a few. There are altogether 14 graduate programs and 9 undergraduate programs at MIT. Research in engineering programs is of central importance at MIT as the primary teaching method focuses on learning with a scientific approach and in a technology oriented manner. The research is undertaken by students at MIT from all programs like the graduate, undergraduate, post doctorates and our own faculty. There are laboratories and research centers located in all departments to ensure all engineering students have access to our research based facilities. The MIT library has a huge collection of technological magazine archives as much as 2.8 million printed volumes, 43,000 printed or electronic journals and a huge collection of data based in all engineering areas to ensure the student has access to all required research materials. The application deadline for the engineering programs at MIT is January 1st and the application fee is 75$. The tuition fee for the engineering courses comes to around 40,432 $. MIT offers the best research based curriculum, up to date with the current technology in all of its engineering courses.
1094   21/11/2011

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