Robocop Helmet: A New Friend for Police Officers

Robocop is a science-fiction movie that gave the concept of modern cops equipped with Hi-Tec equipments. Well, now it’s not just a movie, a design student of UNSW, Alfred Boyadgis, has brought Robocop to life. Recently he presented a prototype design of a helmet in his final year project. This Hi-Tec Helmet only shows information in the visor but is a conglomeration of various high level technologies that presently seem impossible to exist.

Next Generation Helmet

This next generation helmet is named as “Forcite” and it includes features like GPS by voice and a display that can show critical information right in front of the cop’s eyes. Helmet also contains an automatic recognition system, by just staring at the number plate of a car for 5 seconds the officer will know if the vehicle is registered or not. Radio channel frequency enables officer to connect to local hospitals, fire brigade and local command area. The helmet has already gained popularity with the Chief of Police in the US state of Florida. The police department wants to test the helmet in the field to explore its potential. Boyadyis is studying in the honors program in the industrial design. He presented his design in Lumino city design exhibition. His helmet design is being short listed into the top 30 out of 30,000 entries in the Red dot design competition held at Singapore Museum. According to Boyadyis the main inspiration for creation of this amazing helmet came from speaking several police officers that complained about problem of straining the neck because of continuously trying to peer into the car while riding a motorcycle. The system used by police officers is very sophisticated and it is really hard to use communication system during car chasing. The best solution is to install the communication system in the officer’s helmet, which can be activated by voice commands.

Helping Police

Forcite can improve response time in case of emergencies which helps in saving more lives. The helmet also have a built in camera which allows the officer to record the incident and send live footage to the local police station, it also has a semi-modular visor system to enhance the officer’s vision by more than 65 percent. In short introduction of Forcites helmets can have a great impact on the overall performance of police department especially when officers have to chase the thief on his bike.  
668   02/09/2013

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