Study Engineering at the University of Manchester

Why the Manchester University is a best UK technical university? It is the most common question that arises in the minds of every intellectual student. More ever, there are numbered of top ranking technical universities in United Kingdom, for the graduation. Mostly, students refer to take admission in Manchester University. It has many distinct and peculiar features that distinguish it from the other UK’s universities. Manchester University has its own distinct history and agendas. University of ManchesterAccording to recent survey, Manchester University has received the greatest number of admission’s applications than a rest of UK’s universities. According to survey of research assessment exercise RAE, Manchester University was ranked as third in United Kingdom. Oxford University and Cambridge University are ranked first and second respectively. Manchester University has been working to improve its position in this field. This university has broken the golden triangle of research field and now dominated over the Cambridge, and Oxford University. In a list of 500 top universities of world, Manchester University is ranked at a place of 38th over a worlds and 5th place in United Kingdom. There are 4 million books in the library of the Manchester University.  University has one of the largest libraries of a world. This distinct feature makes it as best UK technical university. More than 190 countries, students come to Manchester and get admission in Manchester University. Manchester University has been providing world-class facilities to its students. Like Jordell bank observatory, Manchester university museum, contact theatre, with worth art gallery and John Rayland library are the most common and distinct facilities providing by the university to their students. University has been investing heavily for the launching latest technology and art equipments.  Recently, university has bought 10000 PC’s for its university campus.  University has been providing internet facility also.  No doubt Manchester University is the best UK technical university, but it is predicting that Manchester University will be the top one university of a world in 2015.
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