Tactilu: Revolution in Virtual Dating; Allows You to Touch Your Loved Ones No Matter Where You Are

Technology is moving forward and we can observe a lot of changes taking place due to these advancements. New Gadgets are becoming a part of our lives and the wonders these small things can pull off are just amazing. Technology and Science have taken part in every aspect of life and Scientist are constantly working to make our life better. Let’s take an example of dating which as once a physical meeting is converted into texting. In most cases the frequency of these texts is directly proportional to the dating compatibility. Virtual Contact introduced by technology is becoming very popular and has its pros and cons. But with the advancement in technology engineering has taken the next step in dating too.


Recently a device called Tactilu is introduced. It’s a wearable tech which might turn into the next market success. A Poland based design company, Pangenerator, has created a device that will change the concept of virtual dating and how we all go about it. A next generation wrist device called Tactilu is able to transmit the sense of touch remotely and hence allows for communication.

The Wrist wear is powered by an Arduino Pro mini micro controller along with a Bluetooth module. Tactilu basically allows its users to touch each other virtually by using haptic feedback which is simulated by using an internet connection or Bluetooth and doesn’t matter how far the users are apart.

Tactilu Construction

Tactilu wrist ware is divided into two parts. First part is for sending data and the other for receiving. Special touch sensor located on the upper side of the bracelet converts swipes into tactile/haptic motion on the receiving device. This means if you touch the Tactilu then the other person can actually sense your presence that is translated by though sensor. This is quite amazing technology and future implementations can actually bring a lot of people closer to their loved one. This project is in its development phase and the first prototype of Tactilu is launched for experimentation purposes. But there is still a need for improvement in this technology before it is introduced to the common people.

The technology of this wrist wear is already pretty out of the future thing but the company is hopeful that the next generation of this device will be much slimmer and hence more user friendly.

702   05/09/2013

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