University of Manchester: is this the place where You can Learn to Win the Nobel Prize?

University of Manchester has its distinct way of teaching, training, and different policies that making it best UK technical university. It is situated in Manchester. It is known as red brick civic university. The foundation of this Institute had led on 2005. University of Manchester has its distinguished history, innovations and enterprises. It is also known as university of Manchester institutes of science and technology. The student’s strength of the university is 37000 approximately. This university has gotten the membership of Russell group. For your more information, university of Manchester also has gained the membership of N8 group. It proved beneficial to promote its IT engineering. The staff of the university consists of ten thousand members. The university is running more than 500 different programs for the ease of students. Students have a lot of choices and options. The structure of Manchester University consists of four basic components that are academic departments, institutes, support services and culture assets. Academic department is classified into four sub department engineering and physics science, humanities, life science and medical and human science. Best UK technical university: More than 27 students of the university have won the Nobel prizes in different fields. Student of the University of Manchester was developed the modern-day computers in1948. Students of the university have designed EPI vector. Students of the university have been working on the cancer treatments. University also has been researching on the genetics order. Achievements of the students depict the academic level of the University of Manchester. Due to all of these achievements, it is known as best UK technical university. University of Manchester is a leading university in a research field over the world. University of Manchester has an outstanding residence place for the accommodation of students. University of Manchester also played the leading role in medicine. Faculty of medical science has been working for the main four hospitals of Manchester and playing its role for the betterment of the hospitals. Now it is named as best UK technical university.
1240   30/11/2011

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