University of Southampton and the Imperial College London: why are Students so interested?

Students from within the UK and Europe, and the student all over the world look for the best UK technical university for their degrees. Education is such a factor now, that learning anything technical would raise the job opportunities as immediate as leaving the college or university. The University of Southampton and the Imperial College London are two of the institutions among hundreds of the European universities. These two have a competition value within them, as per the view of the students. Selecting one of these academies would involve comparison between these possible best UK technical university competitors. The imperial was established in 1907 and has more than 13000 students studying at more than 200 courses. These students are from Europe and all over the world. And the institution has been awarded with an 3rd in overall ranking in the Europe and 9th in the world in the year 2010. It also received the 4th rank for the engineering and information technology in the Europe and 9th rank in the world for the same year. As for life sciences, it was 3rd in the Europe, and natural sciences had to bring the university to the 4th in the Europe as well. The University of Southampton was established in 1862 as an educational institution and became a university in 1952. More than 23000 students study under the university, in four campuses and the main campus. There are 8 faculties in the universities and many institutions within it such as the Hearing and BalanceCentre. The courses offered in the research field are also very valid. The university was rated 75th in rank in the overall university in 2011 and is the leading engineering university in the UK; One of the candidates for the best UK technical university. To be the best UK technical university, both the above universities have been potential, the Southampton having more attractions and assets, the selections are to the student.
4961   06/12/2011

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