University of Texas and MIT: Comparison Between Private and Public Institution

Engineering at the University of Texas, located at Austin and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) located at Cambridge is research based and concentrates on the practical application aspects also. The MIT is a private institution while the University of Texas is a public institution. The PhD program at MIT is the nation’s best and it is ranked in the fifth place for its engineering graduate program by the US news and Rankings detailed analysis reports. Owing to the variation in the management nature of the universities the tuition fee is very low 9,764$ at the University of Texas in comparison to that at the MIT which comes around 40,732$ per annum. The research funding for MIT exceeded 700 million dollars in 2009 and the funding is provided by government organizations such as department of defense, department of health and human services. In both universities the students live off campus, the MIT has affiliated housing facilities available outside the campus. The students learning method is primarily research based at MIT and to complement with the teaching and make learning research oriented too there are as much as 2.8 million volumes of technological magazines found in the large libraries located inside the MIT campus. The University of Texas has state of the art research facilities and being a public organization the funding for the research centers is done by the government and many grants are made available to research fellows and research teams within the college. The student to faculty ratio is 18:1 at the University of Texas and it is 8:1 at the MIT, the class strength does not exceed 20 students at the MIT. The average freshman retention rate is 97.5% at MIT and it is 92% at University of Texas. Semester based academic calendar is followed at University of Texas and quarterly system is followed at MIT.
1870   01/12/2011

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