What advantage can you take with Past Exam/Papers?

Exams seem to be a mystery to most students but some may find it exciting by looking at it as a competition. It is necessary for every student to prepare well before the exams. Some students are always looking for a short cut. They pray about having a perfect dream about the coming test so that they already know it but that is not a reality truth is if you wants to succeed you have to prepare well for the exams.

One of the simplest ways to prepare for the exams is to manage your study according to a well-defined time table and allot time to every subject. During the preparation it is always good to go through the past exams and have a meaningful discussion with your fellows about it. It is a general observation that examiners make minor changes in their way of asking questions ever year. It is a good practice to compare the questions of the examiners because it will give a better idea about what the examiner is looking for in the exam.

 Technique for Studying Past Papers

Most of the universities keep copies of the past exams in their libraries or they can also be accessed from the university websites available on the internet. A good practice is to take past five year papers and, instead of going through the past exam paper year by year, find questions about the same topic and prepare that topic really well. Once you have covered the topics of one subject move to the next subject. In this way you are not only preparing for the important questions but will also understand the whole topic. This technique can be very helpful for preparing the exam.

Advantages of Studying Past Papers

One of the most important part of exam preparation is going through past exams. It is important  to revise your entire syllabus quickly. They can provide you the general idea of the upcoming paper and you could easily guess the important topics of a particular subject. Past exam papers give you the idea of number of questions and the available choices. The time for solving the exam paper can be efficiently managed if you have the idea about the pattern of the exam paper. It is therefore necessary for students to give some time to go through the past paper while revising a subject.

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