Educational Quota: Fair or Not?

Reservation System: Educational Quotas India, BlogHow it Works?

Different Governments use different policies to promote education and Literacy Rate in their countries, one of which is the system of Quota allocation. It works in such way that if in some part of the country the literacy rate is low and there is a need to boost it then certain seats are allocated in the educational institutes for the people belonging to these parts of the country (which are usually under developed or rural areas) or different merit is set for these students which is obviously lower than the regular candidates which makes it comparatively easier for them to continue their education. In some case with special merits some Financial Incentive is also given. In many Indian institutes the students of rural areas pay half of the fee that students from urban areas use to pay.

The Controversy

Major issue in allocating quotas is the equality and Fairness issue. People whom are against such system (surely they belong to urban areas) support their argument by saying that we are the world’s largest Democracy so each individual should have equal rights and no one should be treated exceptionally in the admission procedure. They have certain issues with such quotas because many deserving candidates from urban areas are unable to have Admission in the desired institutes, in which they could have easily got admission if there was an open merit. Educational Quota India, Blog

In Favor of Quotas

The people whom support quota system have the view that as in these backwards and rural areas there is a lack of infrastructure and basic education so the average caliber of students from such areas is lower than from the students of urban areas. That's why they must be compensated in some way. This controversy can be resolved by implementing a Common Educational System at primary level throughout the country and after 5 or 6 years of its implementation all the Indian students would have the same basic education and finally the quota system can be abolished. . .
13365   04/02/2013

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