How to get along with Senior Students?

No wonder if you ever get frustrated with the behavior of your seniors. I know everybody who has seniors seems to have difficulty in understanding each other. It’s fact that at times the behavior of the seniors can be a bit frustrating. Especially in universities or in offices the seniors make you feel as if you are from other place and you find it really difficult to communicate and deal with your seniors.

 It is very rare that you find a very cooperative and helpful senior and one has to be very lucky to get one. But the relation with your seniors can be made really exciting and they can be a real source for your guidance. The first thing that you need to do is to break all the communication barriers because communication is considered to be an important key for effective relations especially in working environment.

Thing You Should Do:

In order to have to have smooth relations with your seniors first thing that you need to do is to develop a learning environment always try to clear your concepts by seeking help with your seniors. I am sure that if you show them that you want to learn something they will definitely help you. But don’t ask to much questions because that can be irritating at times.

Always try to share the problems that you are facing in the university or the working place because your seniors have already passed through that phase and they will be in a better place to give you a sincere advice. You can always share about your family and life and most importantly you can get advice about your career.

Senior’s Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of senior student to guide the juniors because it will not only earn them respect but it will produce the quality of  leadership in them. Senior can arrange different workshop and try to help the junior student in the subjects that they find really difficult. They can share their university experience and guide the junior student about the difficulties that students have to face in a university life. They can also share their exams experience and how they have tackled it.

In short if you want to make your university life amazing always try to establish a fun relationship with your seniors and consider them your big brothers. Respect them and at the same time try to learn from their experience.

637   17/08/2013

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