Tips For Students Survival

Most students feel a little bit anxious about the upcoming semester, but fear not. Here is a fool-proof plan to ensure an organized and successful year at university.

1. Be OrganizedOrganize

Always make sure from the very beginning of semester that you know everything related to your exams and other deadlines. In this way you can make a clear schedule in mind and know when you need to start gathering research and revising. The best way to remember all necessary dates is to either have a wall calendar in your bedroom or a little academic diary. In this way you wouldn't encounter any nasty surprises regarding your exams and assignment submissions.

2. Be Preparedbe_prepared

First lecture of your new semester is essential so make sure you are prepared mentally. Always switch your mind set from fresher’s party mode to study hard and get into study mode. Be prepared on the stationary front as well and make sure you have a notepad and at least more than one pen. Don’t be the person in the class who pesters everyone for a spare pen because he lost his pen.

3. Set Aside Study TimeStudy time

It may sound a bit boring but trust me it really helps and if you allot yourself a certain amount of time to go to the library or do some reading you feel much better at the end of the day. Doing research and finding a variety of sources really works in your favor and your tutors like to see that little bit extra effort and trust me you will get rewarded for it.

4. Make Sure You Enjoy YourselfEnjoy

University is a great place of opportunity for everyone, so make sure that you have fun during your spare time. As a student, you wouldn't feel how swiftly the semesters will pass so go out and enjoy every moment of university life.  
1497   27/09/2013

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