Soon to be released Wolfenstein: The New Order- A different kind of FPS

Wolfenstein, a series considered to be the father of FPS genre, is releasing its latest sequel. Wolfenstein: The New Order is the ninth installment in the Wolfenstein series developed by MachineGames and will be published by Bethesda Softworks. The game is set to be released on 20th May, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This will be the first Wolfenstein sequels since 1992 without the id Software label but the developers have utilized the id Software’s proprietary game engine, id Tech 5.

Wolfenstein: TNO- Storyline


The game begins with a poetic monologue by the American-Polish hero B.J. Blazkowicz whose role has been reprised in this FPS sequel. The first half of the game is based on Deathshead, a scientist commander who survived the 2009 Wolfenstein and is helping the Nazis in building giant sci-fi robots which are helping them win most of the their battles. The story then revolves around how Blazkowicz fails and then spends most of the time in an alternate history version of 1960’s in which Nazis have won the World War II and are spreading their cruelty throughout the globe. He is a lone army man in a Nazi era, mainly looking for revenge. The storyline moves forward as B.J gathers men to start the resistance movement against the global oppression of Nazis.


Wolfenstein Screen-1

This first person shooter will be a single player game with the player taking on enemies and robots as they proceeds through levels. Gamerscore can be boosted by completing various tasks which range from locating items ,to deciphering Enigma codes, to unlocking stealth and assault weapons. A very different type of gameplay allows the player to wield certain weapons dually with an unlimited weapon inventory that includes weapons with certain special characteristics. The ability to lean around and a combat slide are also part of the gameplay. The semi-destructible environments included in the game-play are an added plus that further enhance the gaming experiencing.

System Requirements for Wolfenstein: TNO

Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Intel CPU Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66GHz Core i7-930 Quad 2.80GHz
AMD CPU Phenom II X2 545 Phenom II X6 1090T
Nvidia GPU GeForce GTS 250 GeForce GTX 460
AMD GPU Radeon HD 6670 1GB DDR3 Radeon HD 6850
OS Windows 7 (64-bit) Windows 7 (64-bit)
Direct X DX 11 DX 11
HDD Space 50 GB 50 GB

The action will not be the only thing keeping you indulged, but rather the way the story is portrayed throughout the game, is quite laudable. This isn't a throwback game either but rather tests your skills by combining both the old and new technologies.  The effortless mastery with which the body horror and historical war drama is displayed has never been considered by other developers and only MachineGames could pull off such a masterpiece. Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of those FPS games you just can’t wait to play in its entirety.

7884   10/05/2014

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