Earthquakes: An Unpredictable Phenomenon

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The Planet on which we are living is surely and interesting and amazing object, it has amazed us many times and it continues to do so. The life on this planet is often disturbed by some natural disasters and among them the most dangerous is the Earthquakes. If at night your bed is shaking and it is not your brother or sisters being naughty then you have my word, you are experiencing an earthquake buddy. The people who study and try to predict the earthquakes (Well these poor souls can only try) are known as Seismologists and they have devices called Seismographs and Seismograms for such readings. They try to predict the earthquakes on the basis of probability like the region in which there was no earthquake for last 20 years is more susceptible to one in the future as compared to that region which experienced an earthquake in recent times.

Measuring the Earthquakes

Earthquakes are measured on the basis of their intensity scale which is called as magnitude; Richter scale is used to measure that. An earthquake greater than 6 is considered to be dangerous. The earthquakes with shallow source are more dangerous as compared to those which arise from near the mantle layer of the earth. An interesting thing to know is that on average there are 20,000 or more earthquakes occuring daily but their magnitude is so low that we are unable to feel them.

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The largest earthquake ever was considered to be somewhere around 10 magnitude and that day was named as the Boxing Day. Earthquake beneath the oceans are even more dangerous because they can cause other disasters like Tsunamis. According to seismologists and earthquake of magnitude 9 has enough Energy to be equivalent to 27,000 Atomic bombs. As they are very difficult to predict so the only thing that we can do is to build structures of buildings in a way that they are earthquake resistant and create awareness among the people regarding the mitigation techniques. . .
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