How to improve your social life at College

At college you need to maintain a reasonable social life to benefit from the college experience. Sometime social acts, as small as, saying “Hi!” to the janitor, smiling at the campus security or holding the door for a professor might turn the tides in your favor later.

The following tips can help you improve your social life without much effort.

1. Play your favorite video game (Mario Smash Bros) with the door open and volume maxed. This might help you find some friends to bond over gaming and get invited for tournaments. 2. Keep your dorm room open most of the time, unless you are studying or need some privacy to masturbate. It helps to know others really well and really fast. 3. Keep in touch with the janitor because he is the one with all the keys. 4. You don't need to jump at every party opportunity. Partying too hard and too much will negatively effect your health and dash you to the ground during your freshman year. 5. Be polite to the campus police. They have met worst students and will probably stereotype you as a drunk stupid ass college kid. 6. Work out regularly. It will help you maintain your health and gives you a chance to meet a lot of great potential gym buddies.
12201   09/10/2014

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