Invisibility cloak: A Myth or Reality?

Everybody wants to have magical powers. I always want to make thing disappear but unfortunately I am not a magician. If you have read Harry Potter series or watched its movies then you will be familiar with the concept of Invisibility Cloak. A magical myth that can make a person disappears completely. If anyone wants to get disappeared all he has to do is to wear this cloak and bang! No one can see but this can only be possible in a wonder land or in fictions stories. We all have to admit that deep in our heart everybody has the desire to own an invisibility cloak. If want to escape from some boring gathering just put the cloak on and just disappear. If you want to know what your boss is saying about you use invisibility cloak to sneak in his office without being noticed. Unfortunately such types of things only exist in the world of science fiction and fantasies. Scientific Invisibility cloak It is often said that science is magic and scientists are making their efforts to convert this magical myth into reality. A lot of research is been carried out in this field and some researcher at Northwestern University are successful in developing a mechanism that is capable of hiding objects for some period of time. The main theme of this technique is that the object covered by this cloak is not disappeared for the sight but it will seem that the time for the object in the cloak has stopped. For example the clock in this case will keep on moving but to the human eye the clock’s hand will be stationary. An important application of such cloak is security and there are lots of other military applications that are associated with the development of invisibility cloak. Material Used for Making Invisibility Cloak An interesting thing is that Researcher at Northwestern developed invisibility cloak with the help of simple mirrors. The invisibility devise uses the whole spectrum of visible light. A lot of research that is done on the invisibility cloak is based on the use of meta-materials that have the tendency to bend light waves. Right now the mete-material used is only available that can be operated in a small electromagnetic wave band like microwave or infrared waves. This narrow band is not practically suitable so there is a need to improve the technology and develop a material that can bend light waves in a wide range of spectrum. If the scientists are able to do that then they make a magical myth a reality.
3625   16/08/2013

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