When looking for a job becomes a real Job

Nowadays, job searching is becoming more and more like a job. It’s true that one who wants to look for a job, has a lot of different ways to start searching. Actually, Internet can help you a lot in looking for a job, with lots of websites that provides you with a list of possible job you can apply for.

When looking for a job is a real Job

Be careful not to get lost

The new and old methods available to look for a job, create a Tower of Bable, a multitude of different languages that can easily make you get lost. Look for job annoucements You can read the newspaper to find an offer  that suits you, you can surf the Net and check  some websites of jobsearching or you can go  directly to a companywith your Curriculum  Vitae.  Unfortunately, in these period of crisis,  it’s difficult to find a job. But the very  important thing to do, no matter the way you  chose, is to answer some simple questions, just  to make your target a little clearer.

5 questions I have to answer

1-    Which way I used to look for a job? Which ways I’ve still to try? Which one works better? ….. You should even ask to other people which ways they used to find a job. 2-    In which way I describe my skills? How can I underline my skills? What about my CV (Curriculum Vitae)? Is it properly written? 3-    Do I communicate my values?  - You have always to write (in your CV) or to say (in a job interview) as many information as you can about yourself and your skills. 4-    Which are my fields of interest? Where I’d like to work? 5-    Which one is the recruiting system of the company in which I’d like to work? – If you know the recruiting system of the company, than you can apply in a better way.
1480   18/06/2012
for me is really like a job.......... now it's two year since I started to look for a job.............. but with no results :(
Yeah, looking for a job could become a real job......... sometimes more stressful than a job............. because you get no money :(

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