Optimize your social life - 5 things I should know to study in US

Optimize your social life Once your academic life works well, you need find a way to optimize the social life.  No matter you are a nerd studying and reading science journey fourteen hours everyday or a social butterfly who can naturally make friends quickly, it’s important to know where to start the friendship. Friendship of the dormitory My college friendship started from the dormitory. When I was told there would be 30 guys living at the same floor, I was a bit worried because I could the only one from different country and background. But after one week, everything turned out all great. We were all guys sharing the same interest, which is the key towards the friendship. I was invited to play video games, watch movies and have dinner with the group of roommates. We argued for the favorite football and basketball team and all cheered for our school team during games. Plus, we talked about girls a lot. If you are a normal guy and share the same interest with your roommates, you will get involved in the community very quickly. Try to be very active in this dormitory community. It’s the first place for you to build confidence in making friends, and a good beginning is always leading a good result on the way. Long break Another part of the fun life is the long vacation. In US college, it’s normal to have a 7 to 10 days spring and winter break every year.  Usually international students will spend the time in traveling around.  Be sure to have a group of interesting people and prepare the vacation ahead of time. Most popular places include Chicago, New York, Los Angels and Miami. Where to go depends on whether you want to get rid of countryside and feel the “real” United States or lay on the beach and enjoy the wonderful sunshine. I’d recommend of using airbnb for the temporary housing and hipmunk to book the flight ticket. Also, you might want to check out the car rent service before you land the destination.
1292   14/07/2012

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