Asian and the Beauty God: The Critic View

The Asia is filled with beauty in all aspects of life, variant and bright culture, impressive beaches, marvelous landscape and tremendous hospitality. This article is concerned with the criticism of the beauty related to the women population in Asia. Asian women are always obsessed in looking good but actually they are rejecting their own oriental faces and thus adopting the western style and frame work. Asian Beauty and artificial makeup In the west the trend is to have a tanned or dark skin color but Asian, specifically Southeast Asian countries prefer to have a white skin. Considering the sub culture report’s that women prefer to have a light skin tone as it is crucial for the marriage proposal. Some reports suggest that; mother in law compares her skin color to the daughter in law before the wedding. Women need to take extra precautionary measures to improve their beauty. Talking to a few men and women about the related topic, revealed that both agree that it is the pressure put on by the society and has a side effect to it. Exploiting this factor most of the companies have increased the pressure by advertising about skin cosmetic and other skin related products. Thus promoting the society to shift to a fair complexion, this has psychological effect on Southeast Asian women to pursue a whiter skin tone. Further interaction with man, desires a woman that is fair and has looks that are almost Caucasian. Beautification Now diverting our attention to the other parts of the Asia, the Japanese women are more likely to use makeup to cover their faces to make themselves pretty. Some reports indicates that it is due to the Anime Industry which is now infused in the culture of Japan that drives the women to pursue to apply makeup. Others views say that Japanese women are not satisfied with the present look they possess even some go to heights to apply permanent make up (Applying tattoos in more of a makeup design which last for about 5 years or so. Example, Tattoos to the lips to make them red etc.) Comparision In terms of makeup, eyes play’s a major role to apply the makeup but this was the past now women are opting to go for surgery. In Korea, a cosmetic surgery that creates a new fold in the eyes to make them appear larger and rounder has become so popular that it has been speculated 4/5 women living in Seoul have had the operation. The New York Times spoke to a woman having the surgery who said, “The procedure was so common these days that “it’s not even considered surgery.”” Surgery to beautify Changing a bit about self is one thing but entirely changing the looks provided that you can afford is totally a different game play. Women are exposed to these things in massive amount that they might not step back from it. The second thing is only the industry that are involved in cosmetic and other related industry are Profit sizing from there draw backs. I just hope there are no high levels of psychological deteriorate in the women of Asia.   Sources:
4690   27/05/2013

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