Book Worms of the East: The Dark Perspective of India

India is known for its diverse culture and extensive population booming country in the world, where controlling the population is not or negligible in affect. India is ranked the 2nd highest populated country in the world after China. Due to many policies set to control population, specially one child policy implementation by China, is reducing its population growth, according to the CNN News. Therefore India will be the top cat country in the terms of population in the near future.

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Reasons of Pressure on Indian Students

Due to this high population and cut throat competition there is excessive amount of pressure on the Indian student. The pressure is exerted from every direction of the corner of the society. Few of the reasons are mentioned below:
    - Stress exerted from families
      - Competition from peers
        - Lower opportunity
          - High prices and fee structure
            - High standards of the university and school admission
              - Continuous exertion to gain knowledge.

                These are the aspects that are leading the adolescents or young adult to the direction of suicide and nervous breakdown. One of the movies produced by Aamir Khan, The 3 Idiots, portraits a glimpse of the education system and the stress exerted on the student. Students are continuously pressurized by their family, to adopt good grades. No matter, if the education is beneficial or not. They just care for one thing good grades and highest in the community or the area.

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                Negatives of High Expectation from Students

                Researchers show that high expectation on the student from their family and older peer is the main reason that leads to failure and high mental stress and thus leads to suicide. Interviewing one the parents provided inside into this matter. ‘Keeping a constant pressure on the children is necessary to encourage them to achieve higher marks. We can’t afford to be lenient on them.’ This statement shows that it’s much complicated, then its looks for parents to maintain a status quo in the community they live in as well as coop with monetary constraints they counter. So the parents escape goat is the children. According to the writer, some of the schools in Europe have started meditation sessions once a month to relief the stress that the students possess and help to increase the productivity of the students. If the standards are raised then facility should be increased as well. Sources:
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                12994   10/05/2013

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