Common College Freshmen fears and tips to conquer them

Starting college is a different experience for everyone. Everyone has their fears and doubts about going to a completely new environment for study. Most of the freshmen are apprehensive at the beginning of their college life but with time they adjust quite adequately. The feature covers some common fears that a freshmen goes through upon joining college.

1) Roommate Dilemma

Most students think that their roommates will be awful and they won’t be able to adjust with each other but there is nothing to be concerned about since given time, you will adjust with your roommate just like you will adjust in your new university life and usually roommates turn out to be the best friends for rest of their lives.

2) Fear of a New Place

Going to a place you have never been to and not knowing anyone their is a fearful experience but one thing to bear in mind is the fact that everyone is new there so you will have to be confident and introduce yourself to new people. Everyone wants to make new friends and start with the freshmen year so be friendly and socialize.

3) Academics

Academically, college requires much more hard work as compared to high school. Homework load will increase and the assignments will be heavily weighted as well. But that does not mean that you won’t succeed in your studies. You might get less GPA in comparison to your high school but once you get the knack of how to manage your studies, you will surely ace your courses.

4) Homesickness

You might get homesick since you are far away from your family and old school friends. You will most probably miss the times that you spent with them but technology has made it easier to keep in touch with our loved ones. Plus the college studies will keep you glued to the books so you will have little time to think about anything else once the semester begins.

5) Financial Concerns

Finances are quite a legitimate concern and since colleges tend to be expensive, money will be tight. You will have to learn to manage your finances and it might become difficult to make both ends meet but never lose hope and take inspiration from other people who were poorer than you and yet graduated from colleges successfully. Furthermore you should be aware of your financial condition, plus try getting an on-campus job so that you can remain proactive about your finances.

6) Maintaining a balance

College life is all about maintaining a balance between everything and most students fear that they won’t be able to do so. College requires that you take part in everything so that you don’t remain left out. Managing your study schedule as well as sleeping hours and keeping a social life are all necessary parts that one needs to maintain in order to enhance his  college experience. Managing time and giving each task an allocated amount of attention will surely do the trick for you.

7) Cooking and doing your laundry

While managing things like this is a tedious work, there is nothing to fear though as this problem also has an easy fix. Before leaving for school, have someone teach you how to do laundry. If you're already at school, learn by watching someone. If you don't know how to cook, try watching some cooking shows or cooking with some friends. In no time at all, you'll be a laundry-washing, dinner-cooking college pro.

8) The dreaded fifteen pounds

Being healthy and staying healthy in college is really important. And most incoming students have heard of the dreaded fifteen pounds that every incoming first-year student (supposedly) gains when they start school. This results in less food consumption than required and a bad health usually affects your studies as well. Eat healthy and maintain a proper workout routine, so that you remain fit.

9) Fear of the new Professors

In addition to being incredibly smart and, yes, even intimidating at times, most college professors are actually really nice and approachable. They have experienced the freshmen fears themselves as well so don't hesitate to ask anything from your professor. Their duty is to help and guide you, and once you get on good terms with your professors, asking their help won't be a problem for you then.

10) What to do after college?

This is a really common fear that most of the incoming students come face to face with. While you should still know how to pick your classes and eventually how to choose a major, you'll have more time to explore your interests and be open to new ideas and career choices. Furthermore every college has a career counselor who will be able to guide you accordingly in your field of interest.

17575   17/07/2014

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