Exams and Revision

“Exam,” a word that really gives heebie-jeebies to the students, is a nightmare with all its negative aspects and the stress surrounding it. It is a word that is feared by all students and respected by all parents. In one way or the other, everyone has experienced this phenomenon with a high degree to relate to it or show sympathy to the students. It is a life changing experience and everyone should experience it at least once in a lifetime. The stress and the whole nine yards are just too much to handle. Exams and reviews In any case, exams demand that we should learn, remember and apply it in black and white, so that we can be evaluated. Teachers know everything but the point is whether we students know it. It’s a mess, when we think about the papers right before exams. The basic thing is to devise a way so to make it easier to revise. The following are a few points that can help you out to do the work more efficiently:

Making the Check List:

It is advised to make a check list. Simply download course contents from your related website, and then start marking them into green, yellow and red check marks. Green is for the ones you have command on and can attempt easily; yellow is for the ones you are not sure about, you may or may not know; red is for the ones that you are sure you don’t know. According to the writer, it would be better to start from the red marks and move towards the green marks, so that the course can be covered easily.

“Time” the Most Basic and Important Factor:

As the saying goes, “Time stops for no one.” It’s a kind of a law of nature and the universe. The best thing to do is to manage your time by dividing your course outline into small groups, and then highlight the important groups. exam revision strain

Break Time:

Never skip the break, it’s better to gather your thoughts than to rush everything in a jar full of water and oil which will never mix. A break gives time to breath which is necessary to focus your attention on work. In the break, you can have a snack or something.

Relax and Sleep:

It’s better to relax than to be totally stressed out. Sleeping is necessary to have a fresh mind when you wake up early in the morning before the exams. It’s better to take a snooze than to nod your head in the exams. There are numerous ways to do it, but according to the writer, these are the most essential to work on. It’s not a hard and fast rule in the sequence and it depends on the individual to use them as per their advantage. Well, hope it is beneficial for our readers. Sources:
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