Life aboard the ISS, presented with a bunch of Gifs

Living on the International Space Station (ISS) comes with its challenges and astronauts are trained to deal with the circumstances. Videos from the ISS present a great exciting insight into the life in zero gravity or micro-gravity.

Astronauts have uploaded hundreds of videos demonstrating how things are done different in space compared to doing things back at home (Earth).

We tried to compile some wow stuff to give you an overview of astronauts life aboard the International Space Station.

Launching an Angry Bird into space

Presenting the real demonstration of the famous Angry Birds Space game, astronaut Don Pettit shows how the angry bird follows a trajectory when it gets launched inside the micro-gravity environment of the ISS. The trajectory is slightly curved due to micro-gravity.

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Eating a dessert in space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield hangs around with his chocolate cake pudding aboard the ISS. He doesn't need to worry about dropping the dessert on the floor.

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Eating a taco in space

While eating a Taco, don't worry about dropping the fillings. Astronaut Reid Wiseman eats a taco, space style.

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Eye Catching Astronomical GIFs

Playing a little game of football in space

Getting in the spirit of the world cup, Astronauts Alexander Gerst ( from Germany), Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson (both from USA) plays a little USA vs Germany match with their mini football up in the ISS. Catching the football can give you a little spin as demonstrated by Astronaut Alexander Gerst.

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What happens when you wring a soaking cloth

Astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates what happens when you get a wet cloth soaking in water and try to squeeze it tightly, in space.

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Showing some Yo-Yo tricks in space

Getting bored on the ISS can be creative at times with astronauts trying to show their tricks in the micro-gravity environment. Astronaut Don Pettit gets a little creative with his Yo-Yo.

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Crying in space

Missing home being on the ISS can get a bit ugly, since your tears won't fall off the eyes and will remain there in a shape of a big water ball unless you wipe it with a cloth. Astronaut Chris Hadfield becomes a little cry baby for space science.

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Using Toothpaste in space

Well the cool thing about brushing your teeth in space is that you get to swallow it after-wards. Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows you how its done.

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Acceleration in space

Over the time the ISS gets a bit slower due to the drag faced by a very small amount of oxygen atom en route its orbit. In order to overcome this drag the ISS gets a reboost which changes its velocity by 2m/s. Astronaut Jeff Williams demonstrates how the acceleration due to the reboost feels like.

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Using a single hair strand to move around the ISS

Ladies aboard the ISS putting their hair to good use in space. Astronaut Karen Nyberg shows how much less effort is needed to move around in space. She demonstrates it by taking her single strand of hair and using it to propel her backwards by pushing it against a handle bar.

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Let us know about more videos showing an interesting view of life inside the International Space Station in the comments section below.

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