List of World's Deadliest and Beautiful Sinkholes

There is one thing you can rely on i.e. the ground beneath your feet although it may quake and tremble from time to time, but we have solid soil to stand on and even though the Earth is not really going anywhere but unfortunately the Earth is not quite as stable as it seems. The surface of Earth is filled with Sink holes.

These terrifying monsters are massive holes that open up in the Earth without warning they can be as small as a car or they can span hundreds of acres. Well! Some dip just a few meters into the earth while others are over 600 meters (2,000 feet) deep. These beasts have swallowed people, trees, cars and even entire houses or city blocks. These sinkholes are terrifying, they are unstoppable and deadly and are almost entirely unpredictable.

Below is the List of most amazing and inspiring sinkholes found around the globe.

1. Cave of SwallowsCave of swallow

Cave of Swallows is a huge sinkhole located in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. It’s a massive beast and is over 370 meters (1,2oo ft) deep. This epic size makes the massive hole the largest known cave shaft in the world. It is so huge that it could easily swallow the Eiffel Tower and still have room to spare. The Cave of Swallows has become a favorite site for adventurers and fans of extreme sports. Since the cave is cool and dark, so it is a favorite locale of Mexican free-tailed bats. This cave is also home to a number of other bird species who make their homes on the sides of the cave walls.

 2. Red LakeRed lake

Red Lake sinkhole is an enormous hole that contains a lake. This lake is a rather ordinary color blue and not red. Well the name isn’t really misleading, it’s just misunderstood. Name is “Red Lake” because of the reddish cliffs that surround the sides of the sinkhole. It has a total explored depth of approximately 530 meters (1,700 feet) and with a volume of roughly 25–30 million cubic meters, this Red Lake is the third largest sinkhole in the world.

 3. Great Blue HoleBlue hole

Great Blue Hole is an enormous submarine sinkhole that is located off the coast of Belize. This dark depression looks almost perfectly circular in shape and to the imaginative eye it looks like an aquatic doorway to the underworld. Deep blue color may look a little intimidating but the color of the hole is merely a contrast between the massive pit and the lighter white carbonate sands of the surrounding seafloor. This deep blue beast is over 300 m (984 ft) across and 124 m (407 ft) deep. This extreme width makes this site the widest ocean sinkhole in the world.

4. Guatemala SinkholeLAst Hole

 Well! This is one of the more horrifying examples of a sinkhole. This sinkhole opened up in the center of a city and is formed almost instantaneously. As a result of it 15 people were sucked down this dark shaft, which is more than 100 m (300 ft) deep and all of them perished. Guatemala City sinkhole is approximately 18 m (60 ft) wide which is just large enough to completely swallow a 3 story building. This dark pit was created by the mass of water that came with tropical storm Agatha.

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