The Moon Conspiracy: The Critical Approach

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According to some people the moon landings were Faked. Even more fake than you know. Never mind the secret studios in warehouses or what have you, the whole Moon Landing Saga was just realistic CGI. That's right, all the footage you've seen of the supposed moon landing is entirely computer animated. The USA had access to computer technology decades ahead of what was normal in the 1960s in order to do this. But, you may say, if that was the case, why wouldn't they use their massive Technical Advantage to dominate everyone else on the planet economically, militarily and in every other way, rather than piss about concocting an elaborate moon landing facade? Because that wouldn't have been fair to everyone, and if there's one thing you can be sure about the US Government of the 60s and 70s, they were unerringly honest about their dealings, give or take the occasional massive conspiracy.

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The Biggest Flaw in the theory is the fact that the moon landing missions involved hundreds of thousands of people, from scientists, engineers and skilled laborers, right down to NASA's coffee fetching interns. This means that the US Government has somehow managed to threaten blackmail or buy the silence of these thousands of people, any one of whom could become rich and famous instantly by revealing the secrets of the hoax. To accomplish this massive task the Government would have to set up an entire organization dedicated to keeping people quiet. The people in this organization would in turn have to be kept quiet, and the cycle would continue until every person in the country was busy keeping each other from telling other people a Secret everyone was already in on. Note that this logic can be applied to a variety of different Conspiracy Theories. But is it logical? What is your opinion about it? . .
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