Mumbai Underworld

Mumbai underworld is no doubt the most feared institution in India, (I used the word institution because it is surprisingly more organized than any of our Government Institution). People from underworld have always been involved in number of illegal activities from Extortion to Murder and from Blackmailing to Harassment. Different Indian communities have ruled the Mumbai underworld but an interesting fact is that most of the time it is ruled by the Muslims in India, whom are considered to be socially weak group in India.

History of Mumbai Underworld

Mumbai CityI can’t say when all this started, but all this was revealed somewhere in 1940s. Mumbai Underworld started with activities like Smuggling of liquor and drugs and gambling. The word “Mafia” had its origin through the Gambling World. The first name that comes in light is Ayub Lala. He was also known as Ayub Khan Pathan. He was the founder of the association of 13000 Afganis’ who were settled in Mumbai. Ayub Lala easily earned the title Mafia DON as he was the only man who controlled the illegal activities running in the city’s night life. He controlled every bar & gambling clubs which were run by Marwadis & Gujratis & Muslims. Well, running a bar or a club was a costly affair then and so I think that Gujjus and Marwadis where the one who carried such a business.

Current Scenario of Mumbai Mafia

MUMBAI POLICE logo : : Mumbai Underworld

Oil Mafia and Underworld Nexus lead into the clutches of Dawood & Chotta Rajan. These are probably the last Big names of the Mumbai Underworld. But the most alarming thing is that Mumbai Underworld is now working in a much organized way. You can call it the most intellectual way. Such a way can give birth to many new Dawoods & Rajans. Again, we have no one else to blame other than our own political system. There are about 4500-5000 policemen working for Mumbai Police. Rajans, Naiks, Shettys and all other small gangs make strength of about 450-500. We can dream of a crime free Mumbai & we can actually see it. .
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