Our Savior: Renewable Energy Resources

Current Scenario

We are literally burning our planet from inside out by utilizing the fuels such as coal, oil and Natural Gas at such extensive level. They are primarily used to generate electricity in form of Thermal Power Plant. They can be a cheap source of Electricity but the long term cost of such fuels is very high, they are even more dangerous than the radioactive waste because the radioactive wastes have some Half-life but the gaseous content that is added to the atmosphere by burning these fuels remains there forever. It is not only depleting the ozone layer but also disturbing the climate and the habitat of the inhabitants living on this planet.

Toxicity Created by Traditional Fuels


The toxic content that is released by these fuels includes NOX, SOX, Particulates and the Carbon Di Oxide. They all have severe and long lasting effects on the environment. Due to the increase in the overall temperature of the planet the sea level is also raising which is putting the lives of people living along the shoreline in dangers. The simple fact is that if you disturb the environment then it will react and then you have to face the consequences of it.

Need of Renewable Energy Resources


There is a severe need of renewable energy resources to save our planet from such drastic effects. Several options are available to us such as Wind Energy, Biomass, Solar Energy, Solar Photo Voltaic Cells and the Tidal Energy. Solar Energy is among the most easily available option. It is estimated that the sunlight receives by the planet earth in 10 minutes is enough to fulfill the energy needs of the whole world. We have the source and we have the capabilities too, the only thing we need is the sense of Awareness and responsibility and a bit of love for our planet earth.  
4066   24/01/2013

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