Scottish University Students – This year is a record

Application Forms

A record number of Students will start university this year.  22,292 Students filled in their application forms and got a place in the university.  The Scottish University System got a 3% rise from the number of 21,630 students of lat year.

Students from EU

In the last decade,  the students from all around the European Union that decides to study in Scottish Universities increased every year. This year, EU students will be 16,000.

Why is Scotland so beloved by Students?

In Scotland, Scottish and other EU countries’ students are exempt from tuition fees at Scottish institutions. UK’ students, if they want to study in Scotland, have to pay university fees. The decision to maintain university free, is becoming more and more popular among EU students, as in their countries university fees becomes more and more higher. The majority of those students come from Ireland, where university fees reach 7,000 euros, at the secon place we find French students and then German ones.

A Brand New Set of Rules

Mike Russel, Scottish Minister for Education, asked to the European Union Commissary for Education to adopt new rules in order to solve the situation. The problem of Scottish University now is that they are too crowded.
1217   23/08/2012
Unfortunatelt, as I know, South Asians have to pay university fees. Even UK people have to pay these taxes!!!!!
Only Scottish and EU, how about us, the South Asians? Are we also exempted?

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