10 Skills you can Learn in a Day

There are days when you are bored as hell, you want to do something but have no clue of where to start. Well don’t you worry, there is always something you can do apart from getting bored. Doing something new is equally exciting and imparts you new skill and techniques. Here is a list of skills you can learn in a day and enhance your skill set.

List of 10 Skills you can Learn in a Day

1. Learn to Whistle with your Fingers

It seems to be your childhood dream to whistle with your fingers like every grown-up could. Worry not, your wish is about to be granted.

2. Learn to tie a Tie

Thanks to the no uniform policy at college and university you made it this far without dressing formally but it’s about time to learn to tie a tie.

3. Learn how to build a Fire

Learn to build a fire and be a useful lad at camping.

4. Learn to Juggle

You never know when it becomes a useful skill to juggle. What if a king asks you to make his beautiful daughter laugh or else he orders the guards to throw you in a dungeon.

5. Learn the Nato Alphabets

Be cool and learn the Nato alphabets you hear in your first person shooter games.

6. Learn how to Attach Papers (without paperclips or stapler)

You need to submit an insignificant assignment but are worried that the teacher might lose it since you didn’t staple it. Learn this simple trick to attach papers without any thing and you are easy.

7. Learn to Tie your Shoes Really Fast

Grow up! At-least learn to tie your shoe laces and you better be quick at it.

8. Learn to Shuffle Cards

Learn a handy skill to shuffle the deck and be useful at playing cards.

9. Learn Sign Language

You can’t absorb all of it at once but why not learn some basic gestures and expression to communicate with elders suffering from hearing loss.

10. Learn to Crack an Egg with one Hand

You need to be cool in the kitchen and show of some tricks. To start with lets crack some eggs.   Congratulations! You just learned 10 useful skills with-in a few minutes. It sure will make your life a bit easier than before.
1854   04/12/2013

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