Spain Feeling the Pressure of the Global Recession: Budget Cut in the Education

“Spain, which wants Brussels to agree to relax its deficit targets, should avoid a "drastic" reduction to its public deficit”, the head of the International Monetary Fund said in an interview published Thursday in Spain. education budget cut down in Spain The IMF predicts that the Spanish economy, “Struggling in a double-dip recession sparked by the collapse of a decade-long property boom in 2008, Spain has been under tight European Union surveillance since 2009. Determined to slash the public deficit despite rising public protests, Rajoy's government has enacted spending cuts and tax increases aimed at saving 150 billion euros ($194 billion) between 2012 and 2014.” From the international to the global issues, the stress can be seen on the education System and the toil inflicted on the local educational institutes. It effects reaches from Primary to university education; even effecting the research aspects of the country. educacion-huelga The Spain and its people have risen to a protest against the government which announced budget cut which is about 14% due to which Primary, secondary, colleges and universities have been affected. Therefore laying off and increase in the tuition fees was a natural phenomenon. All the teachers, staff, students and young parents which were affected by the cut down were encouraged to participate in the ‘One Day Strike’ in Madrid, Spain. The protestors wearing Green T-shirts, is a symbol of the rejection of José Ignacio Wert reforms and wants him to resign. According to Fernanda Gonzalez, 39-year-old high-school English teacher, at the protest, "We have a small budget and they are reducing it more and more. There are fewer and fewer teachers and more and more students.” According to the resources, the government claims that there were only 20% was measured in contrast according to the local organizers they claim 70% turned up for the strike (Teachers). Spanish Student and the protest Protestant was not only observed in Madrid but also in Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza. Demonstrator in Madrid agreed to the fact that there is a need for educational reforms but this was not the way to do it. Budget Cuts which is about 14% for 2012 – 2013 is affecting the capacity of students sitting in a single class and it does not end here, the tuition fee are increase and in some rural areas the transportation service for the primary school have be decreased. Therefore the teachers, staff and the students which are affects by these reforms were protesting to provide nominal students per class and per teacher and decrease the tuition fees. Let’s hope the Spain’s Education Ministry can find a better solution to counter these issues with better remarks and other alternative ways. Pressures are building from within and outside the Spanish Boundaries. Considering the global recession it is better to pace of self at a careful footing.   Sources:
14895   27/05/2013

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