Top Ten Videos of Hilarious ways to Cheat in Exams

Cheating in Exams is an art and only specialized person can do it with perfection. Here are some techniques watch, learn and enjoy!

1. Bottle Style:

Well! Nobody will stop you from drinking water during exams. So, drink and cheat.  

2. Classic Cheating technique:

Classic method never disappoints you. So, just become a thief and start looking for all possible answers.  

3. Clever boy:

If you are cleaver than you will never get caught. Just use your Brain.  

4. Kid cheating:

Plan well otherwise you will stuck in a situation like this;  

5. Mr. Bean Style:

In order to rock the dance floor use Gangnam style but to rock on the exam floor use Mr. Bean style.  

6. Cell Phone:

Well! Cell phones are your friend unless you hide them some place safe.

7. Teacher Advice:

Well! You want to hear a teacher’s cheating technique. It’s every teacher’s scary advice.  

8. Cheating class:

Best fellows always help out their friends in the hour of need.

9. Your Effort:

Well! Temporary success can be achieved but in order to achieve lifelong success always relay own your own abilities.  

10. Study:

Well! If you want success there is no short cut. But here is a simple trick the can remove all your hurdles in exams.  
3282   31/10/2013

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