How studying Computer Science affects your everyday conversation?

Whether you are a computer science student, a programmer, a software engineer or anyone that has something to do with writing code, you definitely have a way with talking about things in computer science paradigm without realizing it. Read below and you simply can't refuse that you haven't used any of this stuff when talking to your folks.



You are late for your favorite movie which is about to start in 30 minutes. You grab your stuff, money, keys and are racing down your apartment with your friend when he/she asks the question, “How are we getting there? on a bus or cab?”. You are too occupied with excitement about catching the movie, that you might say, “Lets decide it on run-time.



When you are struggling to make a choice between ice-cream toppings and you can't come to any conclusion, you ask the ice-cream guy “I'll take the default topping”.

Parallel (as in parallel execution)

When you stop at a gas station to re-fill your vehicle, you might ask your friend, “Why don't you go grab a beer from the shop in parallel while I fill gas”.

Standby (waiting to be activated)


When you ask your friends to remain idle for the day, since you might be late from work but, as soon as you get free, you are in for a crazy night. So you ask your friends to remain on stand-by until you get free from work.


Parsing people

When you have a new colleague in office who has a weird accent and makes it really hard for you to comprehend what he's saying. You may ask the colleague to slow down a bit as you are unable to parse his/her accent.



When you are unable to reach a friend and you have tried each and every way to get in touch, over the phone, email, social media but nothing. Later when you meet in-person, you will ask, "I tried each and every way to ping you but you didn't answer, were you dead?"

21458   15/01/2015

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