These math hacks will make your life easier

There is a saying: "When the answer is simple God is answering." If you do not like to use calculator then these math hacks are for you. These hacks not only make you to calculate faster than mechanical calculator but also earn kudos from your friends.

1. Butterfly method for adding and subtracting fractions! No fighting over pizza anymore Adding and Subtracting fractions

2.This sentense will help you to remember the value of Pi Value of Pi

3. Google can now solve your geometry math questions Geometry questions

4. Use Google to draw graphs: All you need to do is type basic and complex math functions into the Google search box and Google will return neat graphics. Drawing Graphs

5. How to multiply any 2 digit numbers whose unit place adds to 10 and 10th place are same Multiply

6. Find the square of numbers ending with 5 with this amazing trick Square ending with 5

7.Easily convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa all in your head Fahrenheit to Celsius

8. Fastest way to multiply with 15 in your head Multiply using 15

9. Squaring large numbers without calculator

  • 1st: Round the number(Say it X) to nearest multiple of 10 (Say it r)
  • 2nd: Add and subtract the r from X to get two numbers
  • 3rd: Multiply the two numbers
  • 4th: Add the square of r to answer
Square of any number
9407   22/10/2014

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