Students invent ice cream that doesn’t need freezing

Students invent ice cream that doesn’t need freezing: Docsity Blog Image Courtesy: CTV News

A 16 students’ team at McGill University invented an ice cream that doesn’t need to be stored in a freezer before consuming. That means you don’t have to rush home to stuff your ice-cream into the freezer, if you are planning to have it later.

Frission, the unfrozen ice cream, won’t melt on the way home when you pick it up at the grocery store and also won’t be consuming the shelf space in your freezer. Here’s how it works; you open the lid, let some air in, put the lid back, shake vigorously and place it in the freezer for a couple of hours and it’s ready to consume.

How does it work? Well the students’ team says that when you break open the lid the nitrous oxide (NO2 or laughing gas) stored inside the packing will activate, freezing tiny air bubbles in the mixture to give it a smooth and textured look which you would expect in a real ice cream. It comes with a wealth of dry fruit treats and is vegan, dairy free, gluten free, and has zero cholesterol with high fibre content.

The undergrad students team is hopeful that they will soon be hitting the store shelves partnering with some huge market players since there product offers a huge profit potential as it doesn’t require any refrigeration equipment which will save the huge energy cost spent on conventional ice cream.

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