10 Things Professors Hate about Students

Students cry foul about their professors a lot but what makes the professors dislike certain type of students? Are their some habits, traits, or certain stimulus that enrage the professors? Read below to find out:

1. Students who try to eat their aromatic or noisy food during the class

Eating food during class

2. Students whose emails are plagued with grammatical errors

Grammatical errors in Emails

3. Students who turn up to the professors office smelling like last night's party

Smelling awful

4. Students who lie after committing a mistake


5. The students to continuously nods his head at the professor like they are having a conversation

Nodding head

6. The student who ask way to much questions just to outshine

too many questions

7. Groups of slow walking students who block the way

walking up the stairs

8. The Students who make audible noises showing that they agree with what the professor is saying

audible sounds Yes

9. Students who negotiate unnecessarily for some extra marks

unnecessary negotiation

10. Students who seems disinterested, watching the clock and yawning


22485   22/01/2015

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