Choosing an American or British University

Students dream is to study in a prestigious and renowned university, in which his latter life would become much easier. Haunted with a question to study with the best price, the best image and the place to study are something natural phenomena. The question is not only limited to the magnitude but the size as well, there is numerous university in the world out of which US and UK University are considered to be the top priority for the students. Considering these things can become a heavy toll and a big decision to make. Let’s explore the option presented by the writer. University

Variation in the Subject:

British University is more focused to the specialization whereas US Universities are looking forward for variety of subjects. The US University offers several of subjects for 2 year (If it is a 4 year program and another year to select your specialization). American student Katelynn Raetzman is currently a student at Washington State University, Vancouver, but she has spent a summer at the University of Cambridge and a semester at the University of Central Lancashire. Comparing her knowledge of the American Higher Education system with the UK one, she explains that: "If you want a more specialized degree then the UK universities are your best bet.

Global Financial Crises and its Effects:

UK universities are more funded by state and thus are in the wrap of financial crises as observed in the globe. US universities are more funded privately. The US Universities select the student which after completing their degree, donate in terms of supporting the student who can pay their fees. UK is more stuck-up in these matters and thus is losing the market to US.

Rejection of Students:

There has been a large rejection of student in UK which caters to the increase in students to opt for US based university. The process and the test have been harder to get access to UK universities which encourage to the students to go for US Universities.

Numbers Do Matter:

US as compare to UK is much larger in size, therefore US contain numerous universities in the vicinity whereas UK contains about 120 universities. The fact that there is more option available itself gives an edge to the US. oxford university lawrence The big picture is that UK University basic sales pitch (that a degree will mean you earn £100,000 more over a lifetime than a classmate who starts work at 18) is no longer applicable. Now the UK university is losing its edge and with a good reasons. There are currently 17 universities which are in the top 20 in US whereas from UK only Oxford and Cambridge is in the top 20. Further on, out of top 50 only five are recognized from UK. The difference is there and it’s immense with clear cut precisions.   Sources:
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